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Monday, March 27, 2006

Geotagging Photos

You can now geotag your photos. Geotagging allows mapping software such as Google Earth or Google Maps to plot photograph locations. It also allows photos from similar locations to be easily be grouped and viewed.

You can geotag photos on Flickr as below or you can do it on Zooomr (I know) using google maps. Zooomr is the new kid on the block, but I like it better than Flickr. Can't tell you exactly why, just feels nicer to me. Anyway, here's how to geotag on flickr:

Zonetag Geocoding for Flickr - GPS Review
Manually tagging the photo can also be done if you know the exact GPS coordinates by using the geobloggers GPS tagging format. Example:

“geo:lat=45.1241” and “geo:lon=-71.2397″

Friday, March 24, 2006

PayPal to launch SMS payments service

Finextra: PayPal to launch SMS payments service. Useful - for bloggers, podcasters, music artists, etc, etc.