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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Moisturiser Warmer?

Sock's Wife, now six months pregnant, has requested (demanded actually, must remember it's all my fault) a "bump moisturising cream" warmer. Apparently putting on bump moisturiser is always unpleasant as it's damn cold. My initial reaction, unverbalised, was "bung it on the radiator for five mins pre application", but am starting to have vague thoughts of thermos flasks....

Being pregnant is weird, but mainly fun.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eolas ActiveX type-sort-of-Patent

Of course, there's another possibility. Microsoft and other browser manufacturers could accept the ruling, and license the technology from Eolas, which would avoid all this clicking and recoding. But by making this announcement, Microsoft has let us know that it doesn't care about how much work you have to do, nor does it care about the millions of users who will be inconvenienced by the changes.

In the Eolas Patent Lawsuit, Users Lose

The article outlines the problem and the various solutions, including painting M$ as the villian of the piece (in this case they're not), but misses out the obvious: Software patents are pants. Laws surrounding software patents are rooted in the previous (and existing) patent law that applies to objects (real world objects, things you can feel). The obvious solution is get the law binned and start from scratch (in both the USA and Europe initially) and work out:

  1. Whether we need software patents (or a derivative of patents)
  2. Whether the current copyright laws handle real life to a level required by the common man/woman. Not the "level" (excuse to print money) by corporates with huge budgets and lawyers to employ, but You and me.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wow. The Damned Rock

Wow. The Damned Rock
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Jeez. The Damned rock. See them live. Seriously good shit. Captain Sensible, although apparently a 'wanker' according to the crowd, is also holding the whole bag together.

Bummer is, I'm going to break my vow about not buying anymore ascap/riaa/etc music cos I need the anthology... And so do you. Trust me on this.

Sorry about the picture, but that is really The Damned performing Eloise (which is a cover according to my mate who sorted the tickets, shocker). Pants mobile phone photo. But so cool to blog from a concert. And I'm buzzed by these guys, big style.

The wankers in the other side of me seem to be here to critisize. ' It's like the '79 show' etc.' Five mins, then I'll probably get thumped :)