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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winamp plug-in for iPod

Just found this. Very handy I'd guess. Esp for people with an ipod they want to use at work and at home.

...I really like the open-source ml_pod plugin for Winamp.It is especially nice if your audio library is larger than your iPod, you can easily move files back and forth between the iPod and your PC. Rather than syncing the entire library, you just send what you want, and it takes care of detecting dups for you....

Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Also anapod looks like worth a look.

These are both PC solutions. I'll have a lok round for mac solutions later. Good to know can get away from iTunes if I want to though. Esp as I'm hoping for a lovely new one for Christmas (very unlikely, but I live in hope).

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