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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Dutch RIAA are going to "shutdown podcasters"

Adam Curry has some disturbing news. The Dutch equivalent of the RIAA have been "cease and desisting" Adam for sometime now.

Adam has been contacted by several Dutch representatives of international music services tell him "hey, this file's on your server, it's licensed music, get it off there."

DSC 275 - Shownotes

He heard last week that they're going to "shutdown podcasters" (quote from the podcast) through the law in Holland (which is a bit different from most other places apparently, and even easier for corporate world to subvert).

The kicker is that this kind of action could filter relatively easily into a European Directive and affect the rest the countries in the EU, allegedly (IANAL).

These guys are full-on change averse. They're Charles Handy's frog getting boiled. Podcasting could drive music sales with mash-ups and golden oldies re-introducing old tunes to your life, new artists being promoted, driving the long-tail, etc, etc. But hell, big business, big dickheads.

So, the solution? Podsafe music, and nothing but podsafe music. I'm not buying any more RIAA affiliated music (or their equivalents from whichever country). I'm going to check out the Accident Hash podcast and start getting music from the podsafe music network and see how that goes. I'm sure there are other podsafe networks out there.

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