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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Partner of the Week

A bit of background: The gorgeous SocksWife is fifteen weeks pregnant. Hurrah! I am a very proud man.

So I'm sitting at my desk, playing around with some sound files and Flock, generally minding my own business, when I hear "Ow, I hurt myself" from the kitchen. Patter of medium sized feet in the study direction. I turn round, expecting the usual bleeding/bruised finger from some incalcitrant piece of kitchenware, but no. The beautiful one is standing, with her swelling (and lovely) tummy exposed, blood pouring from just beside her belly ring... and a pair of longnose pilers in her hand. I nearly pissed myself laughing.

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She explained she was trying to get the belly ring out before her tummy got too big (she is fiercely independant, and had assessed this operation as "no risk"), and would I, after I had stopped being so unfeeling, mind helping so she wouldn't disembowel herself. Two pairs of pliers, some GT 85, much hilarity, and ten minutes later, she is piercing free and will, I have no doubt, be proud winner of this weeks Partner of the Week Award from my workplace.

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