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Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Ipod Nano

New ipod. It's really small. It's very good looking. It's got a colour screen. And it's available as 2Gb or 4Gb.

Dunno how much it's going to cost, but I do like the look of it.

My 3G 40Gb ipod has become the main home and car music machine. We use the dock and some nice connectors to play into the amplifier at home, and a CarDock FM in the car, which works really well, with no leads to faff with, although I believe it's illegal in the UK, but we wouldn't use it there, on no, not us, no way.

We have two Shuffles. She-who-is-gorgeous uses hers in the workshop and kitchin with external powered speakers. She has a playlist which hooks in any Robbie Williams tracks not played in the last week, and fills the rest with highly rated other stuff. The only kicker is the Shuffle doesn't seem to update the last played date. Slightly annoying.

My Shuffle loads 300Mb of unplayed podcasts (caught by ipodder) longer than 1 min, mosr recently downloaded first, and fills whatever remains up to 800Mb with highly rated random selection. The other 200Mb is for a Firefox instance and carrying data. The only thing that bugs me about this setup is no screen on the Shuffle (standard Shuffle complaint I guess). On the other hand, the Shuffle is so small and light, I'd rather carry it than the 3G ipod most of the time.

The nano looks like it might be best of both worlds, small, full ipod functionality (last played date), screen, and gorgeous looking as well.


  • At 3:27 pm, Anonymous Sue said…

    Hey Niall,

    The new Ipod Nano looks great! I've got one of the other ones, the one with pictures on. Its pretty neat but I think its a little heavy (unlike most women I don't carry). The Nano looks just perfect. I think its probably cheaper here than in England. Are you going to get one? It sounds like you have all the others. And its good old USA, not Japanese!

    See you



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