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Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Wee Bro

He's off to Uni. According to my parents, it was as tough as ever it was to drop off a sibling somewhere we've never been. My bro walked into the sunrise (it was early, feck off, Yul) without looking back. Fair play to him.

I was second sib to go, even though I was the eldest sib. I took a couple of years out (until I realised I was going to get paid fuck all unless I did a degree). I stood there as they left, and a tear dropped, embarassing though it be. I wasn't the only one that shed, 'cept it turned out I was the only one in my halls doing a science course... the rest were actors and sensitives. Arse.

Anyway, it hurt, even though, at the time, I wanted to be as far away as poss from the fogies. I kinda started to realise how much they actually mattered while I was away for those four years, pretty much starting when the car left the car park in year one. Sad, but true.

Anyway, youngest, but, annoyingly, tallest, bro: have a great time, don't let anyone grind you down, and get on a train if you feel like cac. Nipping down the metal road to see a sister/brother/good buddy is a mental health day, same as we all take from time to time.

Don't tell the employer, but I know a number of people from our place who've taken a few mental health days. Reality strikes, an' ain't it a bitch sometimes?

If I'm in time, don't despair about the book list prices. I know many of us threw our hands in the air when we saw the cost of the book list and just spent the budget on beer, but you can get most of the list on the cheap off the fourth years, or off ebay. You can also get an awful lot of beer if you don't involved with rounds.

It takes at least four weeks to get an idea who the group(s) are, and which one or two you're in (trust me, you probably can't afford more than two groups). The guys you meet first week are probably limited potential except for exposure at the Union. If one lasts as a mate you like spending time with past week four you are a jammy shite.

After week four when your posse is relatively sorted, suggest everyone chips in a tenner to a kitty at three pint intervals. You are almost guaranteed there will be someone trustworthy in the group. This will be the one whom everyone agrees should take care of the kitty. Try to make sure it's not you as you will be rich, but paranoid, by year four. Our kitty handler (ahem) is rich, married, and has a nervous tic which has given him a arthritic shoulder in the last couple of years.

Or I could shut up.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Eye Of The Storm

I like this guy. He has been in and around New Orleans during and since katrina. The blog has excellent pictures and commentary.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Ipod Nano

New ipod. It's really small. It's very good looking. It's got a colour screen. And it's available as 2Gb or 4Gb.

Dunno how much it's going to cost, but I do like the look of it.

My 3G 40Gb ipod has become the main home and car music machine. We use the dock and some nice connectors to play into the amplifier at home, and a CarDock FM in the car, which works really well, with no leads to faff with, although I believe it's illegal in the UK, but we wouldn't use it there, on no, not us, no way.

We have two Shuffles. She-who-is-gorgeous uses hers in the workshop and kitchin with external powered speakers. She has a playlist which hooks in any Robbie Williams tracks not played in the last week, and fills the rest with highly rated other stuff. The only kicker is the Shuffle doesn't seem to update the last played date. Slightly annoying.

My Shuffle loads 300Mb of unplayed podcasts (caught by ipodder) longer than 1 min, mosr recently downloaded first, and fills whatever remains up to 800Mb with highly rated random selection. The other 200Mb is for a Firefox instance and carrying data. The only thing that bugs me about this setup is no screen on the Shuffle (standard Shuffle complaint I guess). On the other hand, the Shuffle is so small and light, I'd rather carry it than the 3G ipod most of the time.

The nano looks like it might be best of both worlds, small, full ipod functionality (last played date), screen, and gorgeous looking as well.