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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - Podcasters make easy listening

The other potential source of revenue is from subscription charges. The BBC, for example, is currently mapping out a strategy for new media such as podcasting. Simon Nelson, controller of BBC radio and interactive music, says he has been astonished by the level of interest in the BBC’s downloadable audio content. Twenty programmes provide podcast subscriptions. Mr Nelson says the BBC might in the future charge for content that is more than seven days old or develop other such premium services.

Hey, I paid for that already with my licence fee. Fork off with your subscription charge Mr Nelson. It's my media. Cheeky toerag.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comment Spam

I've been resoundingly comment spammed today, so, with a little regret, I've turned on comment word verification, so anyone commenting will have to enter a word displayed to them in a picture. Apparently that foxes the comment spammers. Bloody nuisances. Not content with frying everyone's email, they're moving onto to attacking social software. The really annoying thing is that it must be worthwhile for them to do. My line of attack will be to never use a site, whomever it is, who has paid these leeches to spam people. The roll of honour so far:

  • www.a d v a n c e t a ct i c

  • e x e r c i s e - e q u i p m e n t . e a a 4

  • www.d i a m o n d - e n g a g e m e n t - r i n g

  • h e r p e s - z o v i r a

  • www.W e C l o s e Y o u r S a l e s F o r Y o

  • www.1 s t - i n - r a w - f o o d - d i e

  • www.d e s k t o p p c

  • www.y e l l o w t r a v e

  • www.b e s t p o k e r h a n

  • www.p r o j e c t o r r e n t a

  • www.n o r m i s

  • www.b u g d o c t o

  • www.m a r o c p u

I might bung this into an opml doc and keep it online somewhere. Maybe we can get something going where we have a distributed opml reference to spammer paying sods. Might be useful in some way.

'Til the next time, keep safe.

Space Elevator Cable?

The Register reports that diamond is no longer the hardest material on earth.

A gigapascal is equal to about 10,000 atmospheres. The new material is harder by 490,000 atmospheres than diamond, which can handle 4,420,000 atmospheres. So it's pretty strong then. I wonder if "isothermal bulk modulus", the way hardness is measured, deals with tensile strength. I suppose at the very least it is a serious indicator.

A Space Elevator might be a step nearer then as this material sounds like carbon nanotubes to me.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Podcast Auditing

AdJab reports that Arbitron are going to audit podcasts. I looked up the Portable People Meter and it's actually a device the consumer carries around, plugged into their MP3 player, which detects human inaudible tones in the audio stream and logs the info in those tones. The participants then upload the data from PPM to Arbitron.

It's the same old, same old of having a random set of volunteers (skewing the results immediately I would hazard a guess (IANAS:)) logging what they're listening to/watching. Just a whizzy new device ("the size of a small cell phone") that doesn't reply on people writing things down, just carrying it around. If it helps podcasting, then great.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A podsafe appeal

Here's a thing: I have somehow ended up being the guy who has to produce a podcast for a brother. It's going to be a podcast book. The books written; most of the it is now recorded; and I need to sort some soundbeds, an intro, etc. How this happened I do not know, as I am about as musically and acoustically talented as a fish. Anyone got any suggestions? Listening to a couple of "podio"(?!) books off itunes, I think I need some podsafe music, of the dance and hard house genres, and any suggestions of how to clean up (really) dirty audio would also be extremely helpful.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

I have joined a new country

King Danny has invited anyone who can get through the rigorous (not) citizenship test to join his new, as yet un-named, country on Citizens Required. It's an offshoot from the BBC2 show "How to Build Your Own Country". Currently our, as yet un-named, country has just over 20,000 citizens. Way bigger than the Vatican, although King Danny's flat in Bow is probably not going to have the customs capacity to get everyone in for a few weeks.

The national anthem is brilliant. So much less stuffy than any current ones, and offically endorsed by the state too, unlike the British National Anthem which seems to hhave originated as a ditty that the Scots liked to sing after a good punch-up (and to be honest hasn't moved on much since except the English like it too;).

Yet another thing that the Scots sorted out for everyone (I admit that the US Navy was probably a step too far).

I suppose I should tag this, but I'm bored with tags.