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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Terrorism can't change our way of life

All my sympathy and best wishes to those who lost relatives and friends, and to those who were injured. You're all heroes.

Blair and the Queen have said "terrorism can't change our way of life" (I think Bush said something too, but he muffed it up). Even after Thursday, I will continue pointing that out Blair's and Bush's "War on Terror" is wrong. Otherwise the terrorists have changed my way of life, haven't they?

So: Unfortunately, Blair is "tossing bombs at innocent people", and we, as the British electorate did not chuck the bomb tosser out at the last election, more's the pity.

Not that I think that would have stopped the terrorists, whether they're fundamentalists of the remains of the IRA, the Middle East, or Nether Uppingly. They just want destruction and latch onto a cause to justify it in their twisted little minds. The bottom line is, London has been expecting, and has had, terrorist attacks for the last 30 years. We all just get on with it. We'll mourn our dead, maybe feel a bit shakey for a couple of days, be glad it's the weekend and we didn't get on that train, maybe have a couple of pints, or a jug of Pimms if it's nice day, feel bad for the victims. Nothing's changed. Your "cause" has not advanced. We still go to work, we still all get on with it, situation normal. So be afraid Mr Terrorist (assuming you're still alive and weren't the incompetent who blew himself up by accident). The wheels of British justice are grinding your way. They ain't pretty, but they're pretty implacable. We will prosecute you under British Law when you are caught and you will have a long time in prison with no-one to talk to and no chance of reprieve, no glorious death for The Cause (whatever it is), just obscurity and boredom. The innocents you maimed and murdered are heroes, you are toejam. Actually, you're less relevant than that, but I'm not feeling very inventive today.


  • At 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey there Mr Sock. How are you all? Whats the weather like in SockLand?

    I heard about the bombs so thought I'd check if you're still alive or whatever. Did Buckinham Palace get blown up? We dont hear much about England over here unless its Labor Day or something when nothing much is going on. I DID hear that you guys will have ID cards soon. Well thats GOT to help! How come its taken so long? Anyway, I guess not so many people will be complaining about it now (Is that right. Lots of people are against it?).

    We have some people here who are totally against any security stuff. Don't they realise how dangerous the world is?

    I'm glad you and yours are OK though


  • At 8:14 pm, Blogger PartTimeSock said…

    Hey Sue. Thanks for the comment. I smell flamebait :)


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