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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Home now

Another selfish post. Is this the right way to think. Who knows? I don't.

Got home OK by cadging a lift from a friend out east, then up the M11 and then cadging another lift with another friend from there. Unlikely to go in tomorrow. Will be VPNed into work from home.

Didn't really think about how close I'd been to the Aldgate one until I walked in a saw SocksWife, standing infront of the telly, watching the body count rise, crying. I got a big hug. She asked what time I'd got to Aldgate, about 9am. Glad I couldn't be bothered to queue for a coffee at KX like usual.

One of my wee bro's took the Victoria line and walked from Oxford Circus to work on a whim this morning. He normally takes the Picadilly from Kings Cross.

Technology really helped out. Pretty much the whole family knew the rest of the family was OK in about 1/2 hour with email. The mobiles were out most of the time as the companies were prioritising emergency services calls.

I remember the Kings Cross fire. I was a kid then. My dad went through KX tube ten minutes before it happened, same time every day as I remember it. Of course we didn't have mobile phones then and the public ones were a waste of time. It took him a while to get in contact. I remember not really worrying as Ma was calm as you like. If she was cool, everything was cool. Now I wonder how difficult that must have been to keep up.

How many people won't be going home to their loved ones tonight? My thoughts are with them and their families.


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