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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

everything is interesting: It was Always Going to Happen

Dan has a thought provoking post at everything is interesting. I felt the need to comment and did.

I did miss out that I did support the war in Iraq initially too, until I realised I'd been lied to a grand scale, which was around the time David Kelly committed suicide (my post, 2nd para). Admittedly, much of my family had tried to convince me of this before the war, but I thought they were wrong, and pinko lefties pacifists, etc. Anyway, from a purely selfish point of view, I was furious I had been conned, and vowed to do my damndest never to be conned again. Bloggers (Technorati, podcasters, etc) + the papers + Medialens + the beeb and the links generated from them all help me find out a lot of the background in big issues, before making a way more informed decision that was ever able to before.


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