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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another boring bomb alert

Another boring bomb alert
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So we're at KX, waiting to leave and the driver comes on the tannoy thingy, "don't think you're getting home tonight. I'll get you as far as I can but you're not going all the way" (I kid you not, drivers of trains have to have a certain levity, otherwise they'd go nuts). Suspect package on the line. Joy.

So I'm a bit bored sitting on trains going nowhere, and phone my bro, can I crash at his place in London? Not a problem. View of the Thames, bus journey into work tomorrow. Ah, it's a tough life.... Missing SocksWife though. He's got Sky Plus. I'm going against the "nothing Murdock" grain and watching the Simpsons. Brilliant.

Edited 14-Jul-05 to clear typos (was moblogged and fingers were fat :)


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