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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Wiki implementation I've been looking for?

I have had a damn good idea (I think) for website, which would be best served by a wiki. I have setup a number of wikis at work for various areas which use the usemod implementation, which works well, is pretty damn simple, is in perl so I can hack it if necessary, and non-IT bods seem to understand it's syntax pretty quickly and use it (which is always the acid test)... but. But what? I dunno really. It's lovely and simple, but really takes some looking after to keep it looking clean, even after adding the CSS hacks. And it's a bit limited in some formatting and linking.

I was hunting back through the blog because I remembered someone mentioning on a comment a wiki I rather liked the look of (and the content, but that's not the issue right now).

DokuWiki is the wiki implementation it uses and it's gorgeous. The syntax is slightly heavier than usemod, but seems way more powerful too, which is what I want. It's done in PHP, which means I'll have to have a look at installing it into Apache, and whether I need to be able to hack it. From all accounts PHP is simliar to Perl, and very powerful too. Looking forward to it.


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