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Monday, June 27, 2005

Shock news: gun makers guilty of encouraging gun crime

...oh, hang on a minute, got that wrong. No, no, sorry... just substitute "software companies" and "piracy" for "gun makers" and "gun crime" and you have the Supreme Court ruling on file-sharing software companies today.

It'll never happen to Smith and Wesson.

Corporate lobbying seems to win in law over the little guys. At least 50% of the people I know use BitTorrent for non-piracy activities, and most of the ones that do download a bit of music or a film go and buy if they like it. They wouldn't have bought it if they hadn't tried it (that's what I like about the model, 8 cents a track makes it trivial to legally try something. Can the RIAA and the MPAA et al see that? No, despite the fact they've just had the most profitable year in history (again), and have had help pointing them at their various failings and how to exercise the Long Tail).

Are there counter arguments? Probably, loads. But I bet they're not made by the guy or guy-ess who's expected to suck it all up, and watch/listen to what's available in the top ten today. No, those counter arguments will almost definitely be made by the those with a vested interest (or Murdock readers: What do you want to believe today?

Thank God we're in Britain and we have honest law-makers... cough, cough (sorry about the non-direct link, but can't find a permalink, the article is The Downing Street Memo - part 1).


  • At 8:37 am, Blogger Dan B said…

    Twas a very frustrating ruling.

    How on earth did they establish that the majority use it for ilicit gain. How do they expect any file transfer system to get off the ground now given the almightly law suit it will be slapped with as soon as it hits beta.

    The majority of global email is spam do we ban that too now? And how about cars, most people use them to go over the speed limit.


    It won't stick though, the internet is far to dynamic to allow something mundane like a supreme court ruling to get in the way of progress.


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