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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Quick News RSS reader progress Part II

OK. Managed to get it installed on the Mac (failed on the PC, see this post). It wasn't totally plain sailing. Had to copy the conduit file to the palmOne conduits folder myself and it just crashed HotSync initially. Restarted the Mac, still crashed it. Removed the file, re-extracted it from the .sit file, and copied it again. Worked. Bit of a pain, but pretty simple compared to PC install troubleshooting :)

Boy does it work. Loads to read on the Treo, but I am having trouble with the interface. I think this is just newbie woes, and I'll be alright once I've got used to it.

I can select about whether to sync over HotSync, over GPRS, or over both. I've put it to just HotSync, but I can still force a GPRS sync for a specified feed very easily. Emailing a link is a pain. It does the emailing quite well, moving into VersaMail smoothly, but getting back to Quick News means going back through the Apps screen. I could assign a hot button I suppose....


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