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Sunday, June 05, 2005

New Podcast and Other Stuff

Been putting up more of the framework for the partitioning of the garage today, so am totall knackered as I fly a desk most of my life and just get angry with people rather than jogging, to get my heartrate up. Hallo heart-attack, just wait round that corner there.

May have a damn announcement in the next couple of days regarding a podcast I'm probably going to be involved in. I'm quite excited. Have been on Skype for a couple of hours discussing it, and recording the discussions using WireTap Pro too. May have a coupple of little teasers out there soon :)

Quick News RSS reader update: it's OK. It's nice having an RSS source on the Treo, but I don't use it much. Just when the iPod has packed up and I forgot my book. I think I'd prefer a River of News style, rather than page per feed. Page per, which I think works well on a big screen, just doesn't seem to work on when you have limited screen real estate.


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