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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Building PCs

It's my bro's birthday tomorrow and (among other things) I'm rebuilding a spare PC I have for him to go to uni with (assuming he passes his A's :s). Got to the point I'm installing XP. I really hate it. I really want to put Linux on there, but I know he won't use it and can't currently run his iPod Shuffle with it (I don't think he can anyway). I'm being sly and installing OpenOffice instead of Office (not that I have a spare licence for Office anyway). Unless anyone gives him a password protected M$ Office file, he won't notice the diff I don't think. Foot in the door. Catch 'em young I say.


  • At 2:09 pm, Blogger Dan B said…

    Definatley, I've been using OpenOffice on my powerbook for the past 6 months it's a dream and much easier to find than a cracked copy of M$Office.

    Make sure you stick in a nice third party browser and rid his system of all things IE.

    If your going to town, a wireless card would be a nice addition. I would have loved one of those in my halls: to build up a bit of a network.

  • At 3:17 pm, Blogger PartTimeSock said…

    Aye, the wireless is a good idea. I debated it as I found one lying around (where they come from I don't know). I'll bung it it. Thanks for the feedback.

  • At 3:19 pm, Anonymous Sue said…

    Hi Sock!

    I think IE is pretty good. Firefox doesn't work with a lot of sites that I use.

    Is the OpenOffice software truly free? I mean, does it track you? I've often wondered how my computer seems to know what I'm doing. Spooky!

    PS. I came across your blig by accident. Its like a diary really, I suppose thats what I'd call it. I'll come back and have a look from time to time.



  • At 4:28 pm, Blogger PartTimeSock said…

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the comment. I guess I do use it as a diary cum notetaker really. Occasionally I get really fired up and write a long post :)

    OpenOffice is open source, so it is available under the GPL as defined by the Free Software Organisation, which to non-programmers practically means it is free, although it is nice if you donate a couple of dollars.

    The Open Source community is rabidly (and with good reason) anti spyware so OO will not track you in anyway....

    IE is spyware heaven. None of the techies I know uses it unless they absolutely have to. M$ are belatedly making attempts to sort out it's woeful lack of security, but, as you demonstrated, people who aren't geeky for this stuff don't see or hear the debates. What M$ failed to realise was that people shoudln't have to be geeky for this stuff. It shoudl be sorted out for them out of the box. They seem to realise it now, and are playing a hell of a catch-up game. The best thing you can do, if you are being tracked is get Spybot and/or adAware on your machine immediately and upgrade to the latest version of IE. Also never install one of those free "Toolbar" things you see everywhere on the net.

    I'm not going to try to convert you to Firefox (except it is great), but rest assured, those of us that do use it report any and all problems we encounter on websites to their administrators. And, we tend not to get tracked or infected with spyware as much. Last time I checked, Firefox had something like 8% of the browser market. It's becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    Thanks for commenting Sue.

  • At 10:02 am, Blogger Trickshop said…

    I am shocked and appalled mr niall, this is tricky by the way,

  • At 10:05 am, Blogger Trickshop said…

    i am shocked and appalled at ur contempt for my IT knowledge, ur probly rite tho, apart from i can use my iPod thankyou very much. harumph.
    thanks for the computer tho, its whizzo uploaded all my music on to it last nite its wicked thanku v much

  • At 8:28 pm, Blogger PartTimeSock said…

    Sorry Tricky. I was using you as an example. Backfire!


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