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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Aussie journo slams podcasting - and newspapers still don't get it

cameron reilly: Aussie journo slams podcasting. Cool post Camerion.

What really annoyed me was that I couldn't read the opinion piece from the newspaper because it's register only... free, but register only. F**k that, as they say in the trade. The only reason they want me to register is so that they can track me and my habits, across multiple websites in this case as the cookie is supplied by fairfax. I have to live in the real world, where I'm recorded on cctv about 300 times a day: watched by road traffic cameras, watched on the train, watched on the tube, watched at work, etc, etc, and it's a bloody massive infringement of my civil liberties (anyone who rolls out the old chestnut "well if you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't mind", is a moron - you won't mind if I setup GPS cameras in your bathroom and your car then?). I'm not having it online where I can avoid it. I wouldn't mind (much) if it was giving me something of value in return (e.g. Bloglines), but it's only for them and their advertisers. There is no value back to me at all in registering, except I can read some badly-briefed journo's article which I was going to read to get a balance before forming an opinion. Tough. Opinion formed. Cam's great and the Sydney Morning Herald are anachronistic (along with most newspapers websites). Yar, boo, sucks to you.

Love the BBC, they don't stop you whether you have cookies enabled or not.


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