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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Short and Sweet

Just a quickie note tonight to say I'm still here, but have been far too busy drinking and smoking (curse you DeadAirCrew) to blog the last few days. Best friend from school and his wife were over at the weekend (we were total lightweights). Two of the SockBro's were over last night for a Monday night sess, which, as they're far younger than me, they got away with. I, however, was less than useless today. I am an old giffer.

Anyway, going on hols at the end of the week (with lashings of ginger beer) and haven't got a RSS aggregator currently (it's a long story). Will be looking at Bloglines and Radio Userland to see how I want to play it. Very much like the Bloglines registration process. Really simple and relatively non-intrusive, and results in a totally portable newspaper. Could be a bummer if no wi-fi nearby however.



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