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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Prince Charles and Ellen MacArthur Highlight Endangered Albatross

Prince Charles and Ellen MacArthur (the yachtswoman) have taken part in a RSPB dinner tonight, joining the campaign to highlight the massive toll taken by long-line fishing on albatross and other seabirds. Hopefully we'll avoid another extinction event to rival the dodo. Hopefully celebrity endorsement such as Prince Charles and Ellen MacArthur will help highlight the problem.

I have to admit an interest here as SocksWife works for the RSPB and is more than a little miffed that the coverage of the event expected tonight on the various news programmes appears to have been bumped by the leak of the Attorney General's advice to Tony Blair. Another reason not to vote Labour ;).

Mind you, Michael Howard's performance on being told of the leak was pretty dire. Between him, the "policy" of shameless populist rabble-rousing and FUD over immigrants, and our district councillor and county councillor's rude behaviour to three of their consituents at the Parish Council meeting (among other things, Mr Baker gave his report completely with his back to us, and didn't even turn round to listen to or answer our questions, basic courtesy), I won't be be voting Conservative either. Not going to have a hell of a lot of choice at this one.


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