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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pitch Black Dream and a US "buying experience"

Pitch Black Dream - Ambient Hypnotic Electronica NYC as recommended by my aging (but still hip and with it) uncle. It's by a lady called Bernadette McCallion and a chap called Rich Gaglia. Sounds good from the snippets on the website.

I'm buying it from cdbaby, a US site. First time I've bought something off t'internet from over the water I think, so we'll see how they do.

They can't be any worse than my Argos internet buying experience - bloody awful, I ended up taking three days off waiting for them to deliver at various promised times. When they finally turned up it was with only half the order, so I cancelled the other half ("But Sir, it's on the lorry", ya? bothered?). I think they offered me 30 quid compensation, told them to stick it.

Anyway, I emailed Bernadette and she replied really quickly, maybe because we have the same surnames (she's no relation). Apparently she's getting a lot of emails from McCallions recently :)


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