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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Legal advice on Iraq War - Did Tony Lie?

Bloody blogger, internal memory ran out. Will post on that later, but now: Channel 4 News has got hold of a copy of the legal advice from the Attorney-General presented to Mr Blair the week before the Cabinet meeting (when the "unequivocal" report was given to the Cabinet saying war was legal). This document Ch 4 have, which was, to paraphrase the Labour spin machine, substantially unchanged the following week when presented to the Cabinet, has numerous caveats, and, to my jaundiced eyes anyway, introduces reasonable doubt... and was never shown to the Cabinet. They got the unequivocal one.

Meanwhile Tony was on Sky News saying he's never lied. There's a burlap sack of jokes in there I reckon.

The Government haven't commented yet. More when I can.


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