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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ipod Update

Ipod kit that I brought up with us:

1. Ipod
2. Cardock FM
3. Belkin Cassette Adapter
4. Monster cable for plugging into an Aux ports I find

I brought no CDs and no tapes.

So far, so good. The Cardock is the business in the car (as long as we're in the US of A of course, since I wouldn't want to break any laws in Britain, broadcasting five foot from inside the car). There is no interference and it is a strong signal. Have to turn up the volume on the stereo a lot for quiet parts of songs/podcasts, but normally no problem. That could be a factor of the cabin noise, as Subarus aren't really the quietest at 90mph (that would be a fiction Mr Officer sir, I was doing 70 honest).

The cassette adapter is doing the job at the cottage. The only noise is the hiss of the tape deck and amp itself, which is an ancient Philips boombox.

Hardly an audiophile's dream, but to my less than pristine hearing, it's good enough.


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