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Friday, April 29, 2005

I am a bit drunk

I am not drunk, merely intoxicated... the words of my Junior 4 semantics teacher live on. According to SocksWife I am "shitfaced" and should be in bed. Hurrah for half days off with old buddies from millions of years ago when the world was young and I wasn't 34. 34 goddamnit. That's really old. I was supposed to be dead by now due to my lifestyle.

Glad I'm not cos Mrs M (SocksWife) is great and I wouldn't have met her if I was dead. Further lesson on stating the bleeding obvious available on request after buying me four pints of bitter, preferably something from Badger brewery, although 6X is gooooooood.

Archaeologists, new definition, "those people that dig up stuff that's old, I know it's not architect", from me drinking buddy this arvo.

Oh yeah, DeadAirCrew mentioned the VW advert from a recent post today. Cool.

Must sleep. Mmmmmmm, lovely bed.


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  • At 12:52 pm, Anonymous Sockswife said…

    Mr M is great too but he was not just "shitfaced" he was completely & utterly shitfaced.


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