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Monday, April 18, 2005

Dogbert's New Ruling Class

If you're not a member of the DNRC yet and you're reading this, you should be, as you're obviously qualified (if you don't know who Dogbert is, get over to immediately and read up. It's important). Loved this part of the most recent newsletter:
Sometimes my brain ties together things that are better left alone. Here are three things I've thought about recently:

- Microchip designers often embed microscopic messages on the surface of the chip as a way of signing their work.

- DNA has a lot of "junk" parts that don't seem to have any function.

- A lot of people think evolution is obviously "designed" by someone.

I wonder if any cryptographers have looked at that junk DNA to see if it's a message from the designer. I'm guessing that it's a code that says something like, "I am Kaloopah, from the star system Nebulon IV. I have sent this evolution program into space as my eighth grade science project."


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