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Friday, March 04, 2005

WMV: Arrogance or Ignorance?

It's not often I lose it about proprietary standards on the web, it's a fact of life with M$ (among others) in the world, but every now and then it just gets me.


Annoying as it may be for some businesses, some people use OSs other than Windows. There's about a million standards out there for video and music and nearly all of them have implementations for most platforms... except WMV which is totally one platform, totally proprietary, and totally crap (well, technically it's great I understand, but philosophically, it's crap). Are people who send or link to WMVs arrogant or ignorant? I favour ignorant as M$ and/or the WMV supplier haven't explained it's no good to anyone using Linux or a Mac. But it's pretty damn arrogant of M$ and the WMV supplier to assume consumers use Windows machines. Even Apple's AAC format is MP4 compliant if anyone else ever builds an MP4 player.

Here's how it goes for me:
  • This website is best viewed through Internet Explorer/You need Media Player to view this file

  • Is it? You're saying your website is constructed to meet the "demands" of the most non-standard, insecure, bug-ridden, invitation-to-hacking browser/player combination ever created? I wonder who was in charge of that decision? Will they be in charge of any of my business should I decide to carry on with you? Hmmmm. I'll pass, thanks. Now who's the next highest hit on Google (your closest competitior I assume) with a good net-citizen website?

And ditto above for those painfully annoying totally Flash based sites too. Why ruin the back button? It's the webs favourite button! Idiotic. And the surfing paradigm changes on each of the sites, making it a damn sight harder to find what you want (and you can't point Google at it to get what you want), and, and, and... my back hurts and I'm sick of this office.... Sorry, wrong idiom.


Thank you for your time ladies and gentlemen.


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