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Friday, March 04, 2005

Wi-Fi router update

Further to my Linksys post: one of my network guru mates has been having problems with his Linksys WAG54G wi-fi for the last week. It started when he added a second wireless PC to his network that was just on the edge of the reception. As it went in and out of range (when people walked around the PC) the DHCP server in the WAG54G failed (he believes the DHCP process crashed) and stopped the 2nd PC renewing it's lease when it came back in range. The other wireless PC was fine, until the lease on its IP expired and it tried to query the DHCP server. No dice. Rebooting the Linksys WAG54G sorted it, until the next time the 2nd PC went out of range. He has had extensive talks with Linksys support and concluded he's wasting his time He's looking at other wi-fi options (thinks the Airport is too expensive).

A chat with another support guru I know who runs a uni network with substantial wi-fi access elicited the following info: A certain brand of routers is well known for having trouble with the inbuilt DHCP servers. He has been able to solve it in the past by assigning a static IP to each wireless device for that network. Less than ideal and, needless to say, he's not too chuffed about arranging and maintaining static IPs for anyone who wants ad-hoc access at the uni. They don't use equipment of that brand anymore.


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