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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What is the Government Doing?

It appears the government made it "diffcult" for the makers of a drama based on Dr David Kelly's ordeal. The article is by the "film-maker" (I assume that means director) of the drama 'The Government Inspector'. his final point is below.

Is it that... this is a profoundly secretive government... fundamentally incapable of allowing information to be promulgated without first having the chance to spin it? Or is it that... it was troubled by the sight of an old man in a noisy committee room, browbeaten into the service of a dishonourable cause, and feared the effect that the resurrection of that image might have on the eve of an election?

The Government Inspector is on Channel 4 on March 17.

Whether it's good or bad, I urge you to watch it next week, if only to make sure the ratings are high enough to worry the Government. | Media | 'The answer is no'


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