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Thursday, March 10, 2005

What blogging tool?

I am getting the nadgers. Here's my situation:

I commute for an hour and half each way to work, which is currently reading/podcast/sleeping time. Work's a bit mental, I architect (and usually design and program) strategic solutions, as well as mentoring three programmers, trying to automate as much as possible in the development cycle, and usually getting in a couple of tactical solutions (Perl;) a day too. Amongst this I try to keep up to date with the latest Java and Perl developments, get at least a modicum of .Net know-how under my belt, and read my rss feeds (any of interest I blog as draft and then flesh out in the evening when/if I have time). When I get home I synch the ipod, clear out the podcasts I've finished with, feed the dogs, and try to do a bit blogging. At some point I need to eat, talk to my wife, and chill out. Blogging either means I don't talk to my wife (not conducive to my health), or I'm asleep half the next day.

I've decided two things:
  1. I need a better Podcatcher that'll override the incoming genres to "Podcast" automatically, and delete listened to and one starred podcasts from iTunes. That should save me about 10 minutes each day, faffing around.

  2. I need to use the time commuting to blog.

1's easy, I just need to set aside some time to check out a couple of podcatchers. I tried ipodderX lite a few weeks back and kinda liked it, but it didn't seem to actually work unattended. I'm probably thick. Tried Doppler on the PC and it was quite good until it got it's knickers in a twist (after the PC blue screened at me) and wouldn't download anyone's podcasts except Again, I'm probably thick. There's another one called PlayPod which I believe has just gone gold which does RSS feeds and show notes to the ipod too, so might be worth a look.

2, different kettle of fish. To be able to blog on the train, I need my rss feeds and a client based blogging tool which I can upload later. So I can use Newspipe to email all my rss updates once in the morning and in the late afternoon, that's no problem, got that running already, just change the email address to the Mac postbox and download my new mails before leaving in the morning, and just before leaving work in the evening. The blogging tool, that's a tough one. Have been looking around and found a decent comparison at The Microcontent News Blogging Software Roundup, which provides a useful taxonomy of "blogware", although it's an old post. There doesn't appear to be anything new out there that blows it out though. It's helping me, and I'm seriously considering Radio Userland might be the (only) one, unless I want to get jiggy with my own server and further in to Perl than simple webpages and db queries.

Anyway, more sleep. G'night Internet.


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