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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Strange Day

A very strange day yesterday. It was a beautiful day, properly warm and sunny with a fresh wind. We had to go to hospital and sit around a lot, which wasn't much fun, but we drove there and back "the scenic route" and took the dogs for a walk. I took the camera with me.

Hospital Room
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Here's the room in the Lister Hospital we got seen in. Lovely decor:). The (massively overworked) staff were fantastic. I know a crap environment can affect morale, along with long hours, naff pay, high responsibility and management crapping on you (sounds a lot like the NHS) but these guys were really good to us. I don't know how they do it but a big thank you to them, and all the others working under pretty intolerable conditions while the politicians argue the toss and throw money at management schemes.

Abingdon Piggotts Telephone
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Here's somewhere called Abingdon Piggotts which still has a proper red phonebox, and I think the postbox has GR on it (for George Rex, the King before the current Queen. her postboxes have ER - Elizabeth Regina on).

Passing Place
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A wee way along the road we found these thoughtfully signposted and marked passing places. Someone had nothing to do and a bit of budget to use up one day at the Highways Agency didn't they ;)

Last Bit Of The Sunset
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I took the dogs for a walk around sunset. This was the view on the way back up the ridge. It was a lot more colourful on the way down (way more red), but by the time I remembered I had a camera, some of the colour had gone. Divot.

The Moon At Sunset
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At the same as the Sun going down, the Moon was coming up. It was really clear when I took the photo (although I blurred it up). Very serene.

The dogs did me proud by covering themselves in mud, really thick, sticky mud. I took a small video


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