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Monday, March 28, 2005

More digital graffiti

Wired News has a story that has slight connections to a previous post here.
What if the internet extended beyond computers and high-speed connections, with web pages expanding down city streets and onto the sides of buildings?

What grafedia seems to give you is the ability to post art (as in gif, jpg, mp3, etc files) to the grafedia website, with a tag such as sockDiary. I would then, as the poster, go and write "sockDiary" in a blue pen underlined anywhere I felt like it (like standard graffiti) or paint on a willing volunteer's body, or somesuch (where are the dogs, hold still). Anyone spotting the tag can send a MMS from their phone to and get an MMS back with the relevant posting. You can also do via email in the same way. I'm going to test it now.

So the test is "fatPigeon" which means to see it you either email or MMS (with a message such as "a") to I emailed it, and it replied with the jpeg and the interesting info that you can
take a picture and send it to "" then write that address anywhere you like

She-who-is-gorgeous asked, quite rightly, what the point is, and I waffled a bit, before accepting that I couldn't see one, apart from "it's cool", which isn't really a business plan I suppose. The Gorgeous-One then pointed out that it could be used if you took a photo that you wanted all your mates to see asap but you were on the road, couldn't afford to MMS 30 odd people, and couldn't get to/spare time for an internet cafe and upload. You would take the photo, MMS it to Grafedia, and then cheaply SMS the grafedia address to them. Damnnit, why can't I think of clever stuff like that? She's great.

Problems I can see:
  • Grafedia is a difficult for me to remember and to spell. I'm not dyslexpip, but maybe I am just thick

  • You, as the poster, are reliant on people willing to use up MMS messages to download your data


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