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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Microsoft's Gates being knighted

I pretty much hate every incarnation of Windows, even though I use it, and program parts of it, almost everyday. I was a support guy with Windows for Workgroups 3.11, network admin during the early NT3.51 days, and have been a professional programmer in various guises all through from DOS 5. I even programmed under Windows 3.0 on a tennis-elbow inducing 286 16Mhz (I think) "laptop" for a few weeks (terrifying, but I learnt all the control keys ;).

I believe it is a second rate GUI/OS implementation which could have been excellent if M$ management ethos emphasised quality all the way through, and fed that down through the whole workforce. Non-expert users are left to fend for themselves all too often, and left defenceless by default most of the time. Please note, that belief doesn't necessarily hold for all the M$ apps as well: some of them are excellent.

Microsoft's Gates being knighted. Initial reaction: damn. Moment's thought, if it wasn't for his dodgey OSs, DOS and the various flavours of Windows, there wouldn't be the level of computer infiltration into everyday life (cos Apple was always too expensive), loads of people that make software to fix or enhance Windows wouldn't have a business model, most of the IT business would probably not exist, I certainly would not have had the career I've had so far, etc.

So, I guess he deserves it. Not sure about the "if it hadn't been for him there'd be less money given to charideee" vibe of the article. Someone else would have been the richest man/woman in the world and would have been a philanthropist. Is that cynical? Damn, that's really cynical. Sorry Bill. I must need a new government or something.


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