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Friday, March 11, 2005

I love my Mac!

Have been avoiding setting up the printer (HP 2110 All-In-One, psych) on the mac. No real reason, just too much pain setting up printers in my life, and didn't want to go through it again. So, I've been firing up the PC each night to print out the cryptic crossword for my wife (now the only reason to fire up the PC, except for logging in work). Anyway, last night I went looking for mac OS X drivers for the printer, and found them, downloaded them (all 54Mb and 19Mb update, thanks HP), and then couldn't face the (assumed) pain of installing, plugging in, unplugging, etc, so I blogged a bit and then went to bed.

Tonight I couldn't be bothered with television; I gave up smoking a few weeks back so pub is out as it's the only place I really get the urge, currently; so I thought I might spend the evening going through the pain of the printer set-up. I spotted a USB port in the AirPort Express the other day, and thought I might as well make the pain total and try and get the printer setup wirelessly. Oh yeah, total masochism night in for this Sweaty Sock... or not. Check this out.

I started 25 mins ago. Ten mins moving AirPort Express and speakers to a better position and checking they worked OK (again, no problem). Listening to Adam Curry as I type. I then plugged in the printer to the USB port on the AirPort Express and started the HP driver software I downloaded last night. Couldn't get it to find the printer. "Nuts", I thought, "here we go". Tried detecting it as a USB device, then an IP, then swore, then tried IP again. Then sat and scratched my head for a bit. Finally, I dug out the AirPort instruction book (which I haven't had to read at all until now) and started reading the printer page. It said plug it in and fire up the Printer Settings on the laptop. No mention of downloading or installing drivers... hmmmmm.

Fired up Printer Preferences on the Mac and up pops a list of printers available through Rendezvous (a Mac network protocol for discovering and using network devices I think). Guess what? My printer is listed, with the correct make and model. Bear in mind I haven't done anything other than start up the printer preferences so far. It asks me if I want to check for new drivers. "Yes" I said, and pushed the OK button. About 30 secs later it says it's sorted that and installed ver something or other. That was it! About 2 mins altogether, mainly cos I didn't know where the Printer Prefs were on the Mac :)

I fired up the blog site and typed the first couple of sentences of this post and hit print. Guess what happened ladies and gentlemen? Yes! It just worked! Wirelessly, after I gave up trying to do with my PC paradigm and RFTM'ed. This is the mutt's nuts. So impressed. Stopping now.

UPDATE: The drivers I downloaded last night were the ones it used. Just the HP setup utility that didn't work. Slightly less brilliant than I thought, but still damn fine.


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