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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Human Body Like Bluetooth?

Guardian | Kiss and tell. Use your body as a personal area network transport.

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Pretty amazing stuff - the last paragraph's the best.

Sock says:
That is so cool. Want. Can you imagine it? You'd have the earphones implanted, maybe the os and mp3 playing software implanted, then all you'd need would be the data sitting on some device (onboard in implanted flash memory or outboard in your portable hard disk). Cool. A bit further along, they'll be able to work out how to store digital data in wetware. Very cool. My thumb holds my photo collection, and my butt stores all my music. :)

Sock'sYoungerButTallerNo2Bro says:
I just love the idea of 'exchanging electronic business cards with a handshake, or swapping phone numbers with a kiss' - that rocks. Proper games of 'it' as well - no more cheating :o)

Sock says:
Hey, could give sexually transmitted viruses a whole new meaning.


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