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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dave Winer Makes Bloggers Feel Good

Amongst the rest of Dave's post (which is well worth a read) I found this:

Every human being who's lived for any appreciable time has lots of stories. And if they have a good blog, the probability is (imho) that they also have a good heart, and are trying in some non-self-glorifying way to make the world a better place.

I think he's absolutely correct about everyone else except me. I'm a toerag with no redeeming features :)

Just read that again and that implies I think I have a good blog. Dave's post points out that everyone's different (Life of Brian running through my head: "We are all individuals", "I'm not", etc) and that context plays a massive part in how someone interprets something, and how they expect to be interpreted (which is all too often nothing like how they will be interpreted). Point is, my blog's good for me, and if it's useful on occasion for others then taht's an added bonus.

Blimey, with all this (mis)interpreting going on, no wonder we have wars.


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