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Monday, March 28, 2005

Beeb article on commecialising podcasting

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Podcasters' look to net money. This as a result of the interview the guys off the bluggcast, who work for the Beeb, did with Adam Curry a couple of weeks ago. The amusing thing is, we, podcast listeners, heard what happened pre and post interview and during the photos, as Mr Curry and "Blugg" both podcast parts of it a couple of days later as they were both "soundseeing" (Daily Source Code, bluggcast). It's an interesting article, kind of summary of the state of the nation rather than anything groundbreaking. They got a good quote from Dave Winer, which I think they ripped off his blog rather than him personally, or maybe he just said it kinda like he already has on the blog or in a podcast. God, all this referencing stuff is getting out of hand ;).

Helping me firm my ideas on the light and dark side of podcasting, which I'll probably finally get together during the week. Lucky yous, I may even blog them.


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