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Friday, February 04, 2005

Warnings about junk mail deluge

The BBC are reporting:
Mr Hogan said 90% of the junk mail filtered by Symantec subsidiary Brightmail was spotted using techniques that did not rely on looking at net addresses.

For instance, said Mr Hogan, filtering out e-mail messages that contain a web link can stop about 75% of spam.

Am I missing something here? Where I'm sitting, that sounds like Brightmail, configured by Mr Hogan, will bin:
  • 100% of mail with a homepage address as part of a signature
  • the vast majority of IT team based email that refers to online resources/team blogs/wikis
  • all gmails, all mails, all hotmails, and other webmails that include their web address in every mail.

A restriction like that would make email useless to me and most of the people I correspond with.


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