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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Linksys vs Airport

Wifi failed to work, except intermittently, since Sunday morning. Got fed up just now. Turned the wireless off on the Linksys WAG54G and plugged one end of a Cat 5e Ethernet cable into one of the router ports and the other into the Airport Express. Fast, functioning wifi throughout the house about five seconds after. It's on a funnily named Apple network created by the Airport Express but it just works.

No more AirTunes, but I have the Ipod dock plugged into the stereo, and an IR Navipod controller for the Ipod, so can surf on the Powerbook, and listen to tunes on the stereo.

Security of the network is worrying me, but it can worry me tomorrow.

Top tips for those of you thinking about a Wifi network. Get an Airport base station and, if you have a big house, an Airport Express. Costs about 40 quid more, but you'll save that and more in frustration and configuration time.

I've had two wifi routers from Linksys, both have been great over cable, neither has ever worked properly with wifi, even when I've had people come in to sort them or talked to Linksys themselves. Go figure.


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