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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sun unleashes huge solar excuse for IT failures ;)

Solar flares have been known to wreak havoc on radio and telephone communications and power lines. They are a wonderful excuse when you don't want to
talk to somebody (``What's that, honey? I can't hear you. It must be the
solar flare activity').


I'm an IT wonk, and occassionally, if a user is really annoyed and doesn't want to talk to the support guy anymore, I have to try to explain why their hard-disk/memory/power cable fried and ate their Excel worksheet that they had been working on for three days without saving :-s

My fallback when reason fails (after even the-car-tyre-gets-worn-down-over-time analogy has failed) is the "sun spots" excuse (insert references to neutrinos, quarks, whatever springs to mind here). This solar flare makes it even more plausible!

I know it's bad to lie to users, but sometimes they demand you do by not believing the truth. Here's a dilemma: You have explained (again) that you have no control over the performance of the internet and can't guarantee emails will be delivered in a timely fashion. You suggest they use the various alternatives that your team have put in place to solve precisely this issue. The user then demands that you "get control of the internet" and "fix the relaibility problems" as he "can't continue doing business like this". What do you say to them? I'm ashamed to say I just laughed. I will never be good at office politics.


  • At 11:20 pm, Blogger Gerald Buckley said…

    Sun spots are good catch alls. If you say this (don't print it yet) that an "ID Ten Tee" is occurring and it will pass with a little bit of time. Patience is warranted.

    Then, if you're really spunky you can put on your invoice "ID10T"... That gets em every time. 'course... you might not be coming back to support THAT system again.


  • At 10:51 am, Blogger PartTimeSock said…

    :-D That's going on my list.


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