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Monday, January 03, 2005

Problem with the Press? And Blazing Saddles

Scripting News: 1/3/2005.
Net-net: the professional journalist is totally part of the story he or she is writing. That they believe otherwise is the major bug in their process.

Could this observation be the the real trouble with the standard press? It may appear a trite observation, but think about it: How many times is this point actually made and debated? Pretty much never. So do many people take it into account? I guess so cos so many buy the paper that most conforms to their opinions (or continue with the first they read that helped form their opinion). But do they really think about why they have these opinions in the first place? Do they really think about maybe listening or reading someone's work who disagrees with them? Q&A, even if it's in your head, is what makes you refine your ideas, principles, and attitude, instead of being like an empty McDonald's paper cup that fills up with generalities and insipid racisim (he said, generalising - sorry), only to pour out again when someone requires an opinion.

Watched Blazing Saddles again today. Quality film. Highly recommended... esp for Mail readers and BNP supporters ;)


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