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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mutt's or Mutts?

Does anyone have a copy of Ministry Presents... Tech Trance. Starts with Boiler by POB, remixed by Humate. Is the mutts nuts.

Question: is "mutts" not avec possessive apostrophe because it is a thing rather than an entity? Now, someone explain that again? Is this not speciesism? I mean, if an alien turned up, had visible nuts, would talking about "its nuts" be correct, or would it be "it's nuts"? Maybe even "his nuts", which sidesteps the problem I feel. It's not human. It hasn't been proven to have feelings, etc, etc. So according to the current rules of grammar (I think), it would be "its nuts", which seems kindof not nice if it's (check it again, contraction quick draw) come all that way. I'll shut-up now.


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