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Friday, January 28, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11

Just watched the Michael Moore film about the justification for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let me be very clear that I am opposed to the "war on terror", and the massive infringement of civil liberties, including the deprivation of life, that this debacle has allowed the Bush regime and Blair government to inflict on the USA, Great Britain, and Iraq. I also must be clear that my boss (and friend) died in it, along with members of my team (most of whom I knew as voices on the phone) died in the World Trade Centre on 11th September, 2001 and I'm still pretty pissed off about it.

Intellectually I knew most of the arguments for and against the invasion of Iraq. When Tony Blair lied so convincingly about WMD and the links of the Saddam Hussein regime to Al-Qaeda, I was sure of the necessity to go to war, with the agreement of the UN as pretty much my only proviso. It was with the victimisation of Dr David Kelly that I remember thinking "hang on, what's going on?" It started becoming obvious that I had been lied to on a grand scale. They don't call me "Trigger". I wish now I had been more questioning at the outset. I wish now I had added my voice and my presence on the Stop the War march. I wish now I had said "not in my name, Mr Blair".

Moore too shows the bodies of Iraqis and Americans. He shows the anguish of bereaved Iraqis and Americans, and it strikes deeper than a mere intellectual comprehension of the issues involved. However people who disagree may seek to discredit Moore, the facts of those dead children, maimed civilians and soldiers, and bereaved mothers cannot be hidden by rhetoric. I'm ashamed of what our countries have done in Iraq. Unfortunately, the situation in Iraq has been caused by what we did, but I have no solution to offer to resolve it.

I do not ask anyone who reads this to agree with me. I just ask that in the future you question, question, question everything you hear from politicians where military solutions where we are the aggressor are seen as a viable option. Question everything that may seem to be "necessary to help in the War against Terror", where it erodes a freedom, and therefore your ability to hold those in power to account. Question your elected (and unelected) representatives every step of their way, and never take what you hear from journalists, politicians, bloggers, anyone who may have an undeclared or unknown interest, at face value. If we don't question these streams of information, there may well be another Iraq, another World Trade Centre, another Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If you read this far, thank you. It may be the first time I have done something that
may make a difference. It may not. This post stands as is, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, opinions, and all.


  • At 11:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I listened to the Podcast version of this with great interest.

    I too have just watched the film in the UK and for me it confirmed something that has been making me angry for some time.

    Like many I have never trusted Politicians. By the very nature of the Job these people seek power and thus we must question what they have been willing to do to obtain it. How are they using it, and who are they seeking to benefit?

    Like most of us the Media provides our Window to the world and it is from here that we see the actions of our Government. We expect the Media to search out the truth and give us objective facts and information.

    In recent years I have become increasingly concerned about the extent to which the Media seems to lack the ability to search and provide us with such truth.

    So often in the search for a great media story the journalists forget to question the facts.
    Using the same media sources they follow the story like vultures. They fail to place much personal investigation in to asking if the facts they are reporting are the truth.

    I am personally tired of watching media journalists on news reports desperately trying to remain somber when they are clearly hardly able to contain excitement at the latest world tragedy. To them it is just another story, another scoop to be had, to make a name for them and whatever network they support.

    The BBC hide behind glossy presentation and the network advertising that shows you just how dedicated and professional the 24/7 team are out gathering the facts anywhere and everywhere. This is the kind of thing that really turns me off watching, because it feels like a promise that they do not deliver.

    I was never comfortable with the UK Governments decision to go to war. A lot of snippets of information suggested at the time that it just did not make sense.
    I am guilty, I think, of not making enough fuss about it and like many just living my daily life without consideration as to what the government who represent me are doing on my behalf.

    Thank you for the Podcast, it was nice to hear someone else who might just begin to view the world with a more careful eye in the future. Remember the film you have watched should be viewed with the same care. Please, everyone, read past what you are told and make your own mind up.



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